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June 28, 2016

Top Five Ways to Lose Weight

Guest post by John Croom

Want to lose a few pounds but don’t know where to start? Here are a few things I do in the off season to help shed a weight.

Roller Rides

This is based on feel and doesn’t have to be a roller ride but just a 20-40 minutes of light exercise before you eat breakfast in the morning to kick start you metabolism! This does not need to be a hard effort, just something to do while drinking your morning coffee and watching the news or some Netflix. After your ride make sure you eat breakfast. Don’t skip your meal – this will crush your energy levels. This can also help shake the legs from the day prior of training.

Drink Water

First thing you do win you wake up, have glass of water. Your body is at it most dehydrated state refresh it with water. Also drinking water through out the day can curb the hunger pains and stop any additional un-needed snacking. Hydration is key to adequate training. With the lower temps in the winter some times you can lack on the water in take so it’ll help to drink it through out the day.

Track Your Food

Do you know whats going in your body? This one can be easy and hard at the same time. Tracking all you eat help show you and lay out all the calories you intake in a day. Sometimes it can be shocking to see how much you actually eat.

Cross Training

After a solid season of riding the bike its time to give the body a shake up with some different styles of training for the off-season. This is also a good time to give yourself a different form of workout and clear your head from the bike. Some off the thing I tend to do are off season are core work such as box jumps, kettle ball slings, med ball slams, and burps. These help engage the core – and more full body muscle equals less fat!

Recovery Shakes

After a good ride this is a time where you can rebuild the muscles and replenish all of the nutrients you may have lost in sweat, or need after a good session on the bike or work out. Shakes will also help with binge eating after you ride.

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