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The BMX Supercross Course is Open


Debuting as an official sport in the 2008 Summer Olympics, BMX racing has experienced a serious renaissance in both the professional and mainstream cycling scenes.

Racing consists of a dirt track where cyclists compete across hills, jumps and banked turns. The Novant Health BMX Supercross track will be the only Olympic-caliber training facility on the East coast, and one of only a handful in the U.S. The track will be accessible to all levels hosting local, state, regional, national and UCI caliber events while providing a safe introduction to residents and Olympic hopefuls.

August Track Hours*

Sunday & Monday

5 – 7 PM – Beginner Clinics

4 – 6 PM Elite Training
6 – 8 PM Open Practice

4 – 7 PM Open Practice

4 – 5 PM Elite Training
5 – 7 PM Open Practice

1 – 2 PM Beginner Clinic
1 – 4 PM Open Practice

*This schedule is for August 2014 only and is subject to change. September schedule will be posted by the Outdoor Center in the near future.

Track Design